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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sleeping Disorder is a Big Obstacle for Weight Loss

Today, I slept at 7 AM and then I woke up at 1 PM. Now, I feel sleepy and tired. I have drunk two cups of tea but I am still tired. If I sleep now for one or two hours then I will have to stay awake for whole night and then I am tired again tomorrow. Really, this sleeping problem has become now my biggest obstacle in the fight to decrease weight. I wish that I could solve this problem but unfortunately, it is not happening. I have understood the main problem. I need to walk regularly and I need to try seriously to change my sleeping habit.
One good thing is that after 2-3 weeks, I am going to another place and then it will perhaps be easier for me to change my sleeping habit. I have been able to get free of the stress of blogging.
With each passing day, I realize the value of good health. When you are young then you have natural energy and you do not understand the importance. 

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