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Monday, April 12, 2010

Trying again for Losing Weight

For the last four weeks, I was busy with two projects and really suffered a lot. The worst part was that I ate a lot of food outside and I got back my old habit of eating junk and heavy food items. As a result, earlier today, I noticed that my weight reached to 106 kg and it is 6 kg more than the danger level of 100 kg. When it is 100 kg, I am not obese. So, I felt very frustrated worried. Then I understood that there is no other way but to face it and fight against it.
In stead of getting frustration and unhappy, I tried to understand the reason. I tried to find out how can I fight against weight lost effectively. I have understood today very important lesson. More than the excessive weight or fat body, the real problem lies in stress. Nowadays, fighting against bad eating habit is very easy for me compare to the past. However, fighting against stress is not that easy and the best thing I can do now is to try to change my life style and work style and try to have a comfortable life style with full of mental piece.
Blogging can be helpful thing in this regard. In the past, I used to think that blogging is a negative thing but now I can understand that it can be a very positive thing in my fight against weight loss.
So, from today at 6 pm, I decided to again start my war on weight and I want to first go back to 100 kg and then gradually become lower. I have noticed one thing that when my weight crosses 100 kg and I intend to the obesity zone then my heart beat becomes faster and I feel all kind of badness. On the other hand, when I am in 99 or 98 kg still life is easier for me. So, I really have to try this time with in the good way. 

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