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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Suffering from Insomnia: Making Weight Loss More Difficult

I don’t know how many of you actually are reading my entries about weight loss efforts. It really doesn’t matter to me because I’m doing it for myself and if any if you can get any encouragement from my entries then I’ll be very happy. But anyway, now my main problem is insomnia rather than being in a diet. What is happening now is that I’m finding it very difficult to sleep at night at all and in day time I have to drink some tea. As a result, again, I find it difficult to sleep at night.
I have realized that if you want to decrease your weight then you have to have regular and normal sleep. My main problem is that I am now living without my wife for the time being as she has gone to her family home. On the one hand, I miss her a lot and also, I have to take care of the home. Both these two things have taken away my normal feeling and I really must be with her as soon as possible. I’m hoping to be with her within the next three or four weeks and then may be, this problem will be solved automatically.
Another problem related to this insomnia is that I’m not walking for many days and when you do not have normal physical activity then sleeping becomes a real problem. Because I do not have regular Physical activity, I feel some bad in my mind.
Sometimes, I cannot control myself and I have to eat more. I’m learning a very valuable lesson that if you want to decrease your weight than you have to be in normal state of mind and if you are unhappy or suffering from loneliness then weight loss becomes a very difficult thing to achieve. 

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