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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Next Day After the Heavy Dinner

Yesterday, I ate a very heavy dinner. This time, I however did one good thing- ate little amount of bread and ate more of chicken. Amway, today, whole day, I did not eat anything and now, I will eat only a light dinner. Yesterday, I did not eat any other meal. So, this time, I feel normal and my weight did not increase either. From today, I am going back to the effort of decreasing weight again.
Tomorrow, April 2010 is finishing. This month, I became conscious about weight loss efforts again. I have realized that it is a long term process and I have to patient. From next month, I am hoping to start walking. MY goal is to walk from 1 to 3 hours a day. It is almost impossible but I will try to walk one hour at least. In the past, I was so fond of walking. I don’t know how I lost this habit. Well, mainly because my work is now totally related to just sitting. Secondly, I had to work for many hours to earn some money. Both are bad.
I am still suffering from obesity but I am in the border of it. If I could decrease just 2 KG then I would come out of obesity officially.
There is one interesting news here:

I like this news because when I was a child there was no fast food shop in my city. I was not a unhappy a child and I did not eat to eat happy meals from any fast food shop to be happy. 

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