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Monday, April 12, 2010

Short term goal of Weight Loss Program

In any weight loss program, you have two kinds of goals. One kind of goals are short or temporary goals that you want to achieve in short time. For example, the goal of today for me is not to eat anything else but just drink to water in the next eight hours. The long term goal is form me at this moment is to first get back 100 kilogram and also change my eating habit.
From now, I will focus totally on short term goals or daily goals. Most of us do not give value to it because we like to fool ourselves that in the end we will achieve something. However, if you really want to achieve something then you have to work on it everyday. This is the thing that I am going to try now. I am going to focus on achieving daily goal. For example, today I will really try to stick on drinking water. Tomorrow, after waking up I will also try to drink water and some watermelon juice. Then at lunch I will eat only some rice and vegetables. Then at night I will eat some chatpati which is also made from vegetable and beans.

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