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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Day of Eating Chatpati

I am again now back to weight loss effort and yesterday, I just ate lunch and then dinner, I ate some small amount of smash potato. Yesterday, I did one good thing and drank a lot of watermelon juice which is really good in hot summer. Now, the weather is very hot and dry in my city and watermelon is very helpful at this moment for me. I found that coconut water is also good.
This time because of this watermelon, I am not suffering from hot weather. I remember that every year this time, I suffer because my body becomes dry. In the past, I used to eat only very spicy food and that is why my body became more dry.
This time, change in eating habit is helping me a lot. Today, my goal is to eat just chatpati in afternoon and dinner. Chatpati is made of chickpeas and all the other ingredients are good for the bodies. Fortunately I like this food a lot and it is really blessing that I am fond of chatpati.
Last October, I tried for two months to loss weight and totally change my eating habit. I became successful but at this time I was very worried for my career and for the blogs. Now, I have understood that the blogs are strong and I don’t need to work that hard. All I need to do is to update them regularly and this will be hopeful enough. Fortunately, now I have to assistance who are very hard working and dedicated to. So, if I can make a good plan then they can implement them. 

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