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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Losing the battle but again Starting the Fight of Weight Loss

Just now, I weighed myself and it was 105 KG. It is sad and frustrating but this is the reality. I have learnt a very valuable lesson, I must be serious about weight loss now or suffer and regret a lot later. I could lose 10 KG from October 23 to December 20 of 2009. If I could just do that again then it will be excellent for me. However, in the last 4 months, I gained 5 KG again. So, it is time for taking action.
I have at last realized my main problem- stress and work. I need a complete change in my life style at least for the time being. I need to set some rules and follow them strictly. All the will power is needed at this moment.
Change in life style is needed because I will cut down on food intake. I plan to eat tomorrow just salad and fruits. I know it is difficult and most probably impossible.
Well, here are some of the things I like to do:
1. In the first stage, it should be just one meal a day. If there is a second meal then the second meal must consist of salad and fruits only.
In the past, I have found that Roti and frying vegetable is very good for me.
2. Gradually, I will try to eat salad and Roti only. However, every day must not be like this.
3. After few days, try to do water fasting. I have done it in the past and my maximum time of water fasting was I guess 44 hours and I could pass the time quite smoothly. At least, 30 hours water fasting was not difficult at all for me.
4. I must totally cut on tea this time.
5. Try to become a vegetarian. Egg is all right because egg gives some strength.
6. No sugar or sweet. Fruits are good alternative.

The rules are very simple but they are very difficult to follow. In fact, now, I feel that the problem is more psychological than physical. What I need to do is to forget all the stress and working. Instead, I must eat less and rest more.
Many people talk about Detoxification effect of diet and water fasting. I really experienced it in last December. My urine became so normal and I felt most comfort in my kidney that I felt young again.
In fact, last December, I felt that I got back the healthy feeling of my teenage years and then I got involved with some works and lost my way. Now, I have realized that health is wealth and the most important factor in life.
I have neglected my health a lot but this time, I am going to try a lot. I must not lose hope because really, in last December, I experienced very good feeling in both body and mind. In fact, my success of last year has given me a lot of hope and energy.  
So, I am going to start again and may God help me. 

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