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Monday, April 05, 2010

Health First Should be the Motto

At last, I am some free from today. It was a very tough 10 days for me and I almost became sick. At least, I became very tired and exhausted. Hopefully, next week, I will get some decent amount of money for this project. Still, I have learnt a very valuable lesson that I must not put my health in risk. Instead, before accepting any project, I must try to assume the damage it would put in my health and then try to minimize it.
This time, I did one good thing. I kept a car standby with me all the time and this way, whenever I needed to go any place, I was running with a car. I also kept an assistant with me all the time. It also helped a lot.
So, if you have same problem like me then try to take a few minutes of time and then think about your health. Health first- should be your motto. From tomorrow, I will try to do the same thing. 

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