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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Eating Bad Food and Working Hard

For the last ten days, I did not have any regular sleeping. I had to do a project and it was very difficult for me. As a result, I have become totally tired and exhausted and the worst part is that in the last ten days I ate all the bad food that I used to eat in the past. Because I did a lot of running, I ate a lot of meat and sweet. Both are bad and I just hope that from tomorrow I can change both of them and go back to normal eating habit.
Tomorrow, my plan is to eat lentil soup and smash potato. If possible I like to add some salad and eat with rice. Now, for the next at least two or three days I do not want to eat any meat or sweet.
It is very hot now and I am eating some fruit juice everyday. For example, I drank watermelon juice and coconut water. Both of them are very refreshing in a hot and very humid day. 

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