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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Again a Two Way Race in EPL

The defeat of Arsenal at the hand of Tottenham Hotspur was a very bad one for the gunners and it perhaps totally ended the title of Arsenal supporters this season. Now, sadly, it is again a two horse race in English Premier League between Manchester United and Chelsea. Right now, it looks that Chelsea has a better chance of winning the league title. The form of Manchester United is totally inconsistent in a last few weeks. They are too much depended on the performance of Wayne Rooney. If Wayne Rooney performs badly or does not play then Manchester United looks like a very ordinary team. Chelsea has perhaps better players and their performance is not that much dependent on Drogba. Of course, Drogba is their best player in this season but still without him, Chelsea can win matches quite easily. On the reserve bench, Chelsea seems to have better squad. So, I think that this season Chelsea has the better chance of winning the trophy of Premier League. It should be reminded here that Chelsea right now is leading the point table. 

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