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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Water Fasting is Tough but not Bad

I have just spend 25 hours of water and juice fasting. Yesterday, I drank a decent amount of water melon juice. Today, I am drinking only water. It is tough as I feel some hungry and tired. I don’t have much energy to work today. Fortunately, I am taking off from my works today and that is why, it is not that big problem. I originally thought to do it for 50 hours but I think that I will do just 48 hours. Then tomorrow I will eat and again I will eat the next day and then I will try to do another 48 hours of water and juice fasting.
When I woke up today, I found that my weight was 102 KG and it gave a lot of good feeling in my mind. I have started to feel some lighter in my body. I am going to give eating rice for the next few weeks. I am very fond of rice and it is very difficult for me to control myself when it comes to rice. Roti is much easier.
Well, sad part is that I really became very hungry and I ended my fast after 26 hours. 

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