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Saturday, April 17, 2010

50 Hours of Water Fasting: Can I do It?

I have started today 50 hours water and juice fasting. The last food I ate was 3pm of today. It was more or less a heavy lunch but I did not eat any meat. In stead I ate mainly vegetable items. So, the next meal I will take will be day after tomorrow. Today, things look very smooth and I don’t feel hungry at all. The best part is that when I got up today then I measure my weight and it was 104 kilogram. So, by the end of these fifty hours, most probably I will go to 102 kilogram and it is an excellent for me.
The main challenge is tomorrow because tomorrow I will be hungry and it will be some difficult for me to continue the fasting. This time I am not only doing water fasting but I am also drinking some watermelon juice. Watermelon juice is excellent and this time it is very hot weather in my city. The watermelon juice is helping a lot to past this tough summer days. Water fasting is a tough thing to do but I am hopeful. 

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