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Friday, March 19, 2010

Will Chelsea Become Champion This Season?

Chelsea started the season in a very pride way and dominated much of the season in Premier League point table. Even now, they are in top form and they are doing well. However, it seems that from time to time they are falling down and Manchester United and Arsenal are coming back. Chelsea players are in good form and in particular, their striker Drogba is causing all kind of problems for the opponent teams. However, the main problem is that now the team is too much dependent on Drogba.
Some people are saying that because Chelsea got out of Champions League it will be a good thing for them. This way Chelsea will have less pressure focus on English Premier League title only. I agree with them and at the same time I think that it shows the weakness of this club. They should not have got out so early in Champions League. They should have been able to play another one or two rounds. 

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