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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Roman Abramovich Unhappy again with Chelsea Coach

It is true that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is very passionate about football and he gives a lot of attention to his club. He is generous with spending money and with his money, Chelsea has been turned into a world class football team from a mediocre club in England. All the transformation happened within five years. However, I feel that Roman Abramovich has one bad quality and he in the end is impatient. When something goes wrong then he gets angry with the coach and he fierce them very easily.
Of course, it is his money and he has every right to do whatever he wants with his club. However, a football club is not only just a club or a money making thing. It is more than that and it should be always the fans who are the next important for a club. Now, there is report that Roman Abramovich is unhappy with Carlo Ancelotti who is the current coach of Chelsea football team. He is annoyed because Chelsea lost to Inter Milan and was out of Champions League this season. 

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