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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday Resolution Plan for Weight Loss Efforts

My birthday is on 22 March and that day after tomorrow. This time, my only resolution is to decrease weight. It was my new year’s resolution and so far, I could not decrease any weight in this year of 2010. It is frustrating but I have not given up hope. Instead, I am trying that my weight does not increase. I have experienced an important change in my mindset. Even if you cannot decrease weight, it is very important that you do not give up. In the past, I used to give too early.
Now, I am not giving up and I know that this is my life and my health. I have to try for it and if I continue trying then sooner or later, it will change and I will be able to come to my normal weight. Today, I was taking a look at the pictures of my past. In 1995, my weight was just 64 KG. In 1998, it was 67 KG. Those days, I was underweight. Things were more or less ok until 2005. Last 4 years, I became overweight and the main reason is professional blogging. I did sitting work full time.
Eating all the junk foods took place at the same time with the stress of professional blogging. Now, I am changing and I am trying to leave the stress of blogging. 

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