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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Home Food vs Outside Food: Just One Tip

For the last four months, I have developed a very good habit of eating home made food. I live a country in which restaurant foods or shop foods are not healthy at all. Sometimes they are not cooked even clean or proper way. As a result, if you eat outside food continuously then there is every possibility that you will get some diseases. Because it is a poor country, the restaurant workers don’t get good salary and at the same time people can not afford to pay enough money for buying food. However, even sometimes in television it is shown that food items in expensive food shops are not healthy. I have stopped eating fast food.
Anyway, the important lesson that I have learnt is that we should try to decrease eating outside food as much as possible. What happen is that three days ago, I had to eat outside restaurant food and it was not so good and I managed to get diarrhoea. As a result, I lost a lot of water from body and in last two days I have become very weak. When you are young then these things do not matter. You have the ability to tolerate anything and everything. However, when you are getting older then this simple thing can become very problematic. 

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