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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Does Arsenal Players Need More protections?

Now, there is some debate going on among Arsenal supporters and the supporters of other clubs about playing rough with Arsenal players. The Arsenal supporters feel that other players can not keep up with their pace and one touch football that is why they tried to play physically against them. This is some true because some smaller clubs try to adopt this kind of tack tricks and Stoke City has been criticized in the past for this matter. As a result, last week, young player Aaron Ramsey broke his leg and he will be out of action for at least six months. It was a horrific challenge and it shocked everyone in the stadium. Although most of the supporters were Stoke City because it was a home match for Stoke City. The supporters were shocked and it was such a brutal challenge.
Of course, the player who did not do it willingly to destroy the life of another player like Ramsey. However, this is true that other clubs try to follow this kind of tack tick. On the other hand, opponents of Arsenal think that Arsene Wenger buy only young players and put them against adult or matured players. Arsene Wenger should change this policy and put strong players who can cope up the physical pressure of English premier league. 

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