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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Eating Panta bhat for Summer

When I was a child, eating Panta bhat was common among most families in Dhaka. In case you don’t now what is it then let me tell you. They are two Bangla words and together they mean a special kind of food. Panta means ‘with water’ and bhat means ‘boiled rice’. So, many people still do here is that they boil the rice at night and eat dinner and pour water in the left over rice and the rice soaks overnight. In the morning, they eat this watery rice with some lentil soup, red chili and salt. Of course, you can add other curries but it is better you eat light. Well, soaking for a long time is not good for rice.
So, what I am going to do is to soak rice in morning and then eat for lunch. It is almost summer time and weather is hot and dry. So, panta bhat would be good.
We lost the habit of eating Panta bhat when refrigerator came in our home. Thus, I am going back to the old habit.  

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