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Friday, March 26, 2010

How Work Overload can destroy your Weight Loss Plan?

Yesterday and today, I again ate all the junk foods and bad foods that I used to eat in the past. I drank tea and Pepsi. No, I did not become bad and spoilt about eating like past. What happened was that yesterday, I was all the time running from one place to another and I felt very hungry, tired and weak. So, I had to eat a lot. The junk food items have this power to give you strength on a temporary basis. So, the work overload forced me to eat bad items.
Today, when I got up I felt totally unfresh and out of touch. I had no energy. So, I ate beef and drank Pepsi. In the last two days, I did one good thing. I tried to consume some decent amount of fruit juice and also Yoghurt water. This is a good improvement in me.
The main problem is that life is tough and sometimes, you have to work a lot. I wish that I don’t take any project that would require this amount of running in a single day. Well, for the next one week, I will have to run a lot and work a lot. 

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