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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dramatic Finish Waiting for EPL this Season

English Premier League 2009-10 seasons is nearly coming to an end. Only nine or ten matches are left for each club and it is not clear who will win the title of this season. Now, it is a three way race between Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal. Many people are happy that at last there is a three way race because in the last few years only Manchester United and Chelsea were in the race.
Next season, I wish to see a five way or six way race. Liverpool should be able to put a better team if needed they should buy more players. However, Liverpool is suffering from economic problem and that is why it is impossible for them to buy new players. Manchester City spent a lot of money but did not get the result and I wonder if their Arab owner will be keen to spend the same amount of money next year buy some more top players. Tottenham looked impressive through out the season and they should also be serious for the next season.
The problem that I can understand about clubs like Liverpool, Manchester City, Tottenham and Aston Villa is that they lack the vision. For many years they are out of any top glory and that is why they have perhaps lost their mental hunger. They simply can not believe that they become Champion. This has to change. 

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