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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Demolition of Porto: Arsene Wenger is Right

It was a night that many Arsenal fans will remember for a long time. Arsenal demolished FC Porto 5-0 at the Emirates Stadium in front of 60,000 spectators. In television, millions of people watch the match around the world. In Europe, any big victory is memorable but for Arsenal supporters it will be memorable for mainly just one reason. Arsenal was without two of their top players in the match. In fact, Arsenal was without at least three of their best players in the match: Robin van Persie, William Gallas and captain Cesc Fabregas. Still, they totally dominated the match and scored five goals against FC Porto.
It shows that Arsene Wenger was right when he insisted in the last few years that it is better to give all the opportunities to the young players when they mature then they will become a big force in world football. Arsenal has indeed become a big force now in English football and with very young player. The hero of last night was Bendtner and Nasri and both of are very young. Bendtner is just 22 years old and scored the hattrick. Nasri scored a superb goal in the second half and he showed that he had the capacity to become another Fabregas.
Even the captain Fabregas himself is just 26 years old. Now, it is perhaps clear that Wenger has been able to prove his philosophy to be right and the best way for Arsenal. Because of his assistance and a force to get very young players and then train them and turn them to world class footballer, Arsenal is now a profitable football club when other big rivals like Manchester United and Liverpool are facing serious financial burden. Chelsea also faced financial hardship but because their Russian owner Abrahamovic removed a good fortune of the loan that he gave to Chelsea, Chelsea is now in comfortable condition financially.
The success of Arsene Wenger’s young players against FC Porto last night and the announcement that Arsenal made healthy profit in 2009, show that it is very difficult to manage a football club. Managing a football club does not simply mean winning trophies but looking after the business mates too. Especially, in today’s football, you have to deal with millions of dollars every year. Buying quality players is not the only cost. You have to maintain a stadium, you have to look after the branding and sponsorship, you have to think of qualifying in the Champions League and get more money.
Arsenal supporters should really be thankful to Arsene Wenger as he is guiding them in a very tough time.
(The entry was written on last Wednesday).
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