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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Learnt to decrease Your Work when you need to lose weight

In my last entry, I wrote about making a balance between weight loss effort and your career. Now, I am finding it very difficult to make a balance between career and weight loss effort. I have noticed that to decrease weight, I need to forget everything and just focus on this effort. However, when you have to look after a business then it simply is not possible. For example, I have to look after all the blogs and my workers.
Now, two persons are working under me and they are a part of my company. It is a small and home business but it is full of competition. We have to updates our blogs and at the same time we have to focus on getting traffic. It is not an easy matter and just two persons are looking after now fourteen blogs. I can not do anything right now because I am busy with other projects.
I am busy for another two weeks and after that I can be some free. In fact, I am busy with other outside projects for three weeks and at the same time I had to suffer the stress of looking after the blog network. For example, I have to update some of my blogs so that they have fresh content. When you are in the blogging business then you have to ensure that you blogs have fresh content on a regular basis or else it will suffer.
Well, finding the right balance between the right career and health is always difficult for everyone. For me it is double difficult now because I am passing a very bad stage. On the one hand, my health is becoming better but on the other hand my business has suffered a lot and needs serious attention from me.
Perhaps the only best solution is that from next month I do not take any new project from outside and just stay home do blogging and take care of my health. This is the only way out for me right now.

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