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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Weight Loss vs Your Career: How to make a balance?

Right now, I am at the peak of my career. I am flooded with projects that I can not handle but they have quite the good potential of earning good amount of money. Secondly, I am also at the top of my skill in my mid-thirties. I have got now over one and half decade of experience in writing field. I have even four years of professional blogging experience. I am not only fast but also my quality and performance have improved a lot compared to the past. I am in a good time in my career.
Suddenly, everything looks to be very bright for me except that I have been fighting with my ill health for the last seven or eight months.
Now, getting project is not a challenge for me anymore. I have been able to make a network of clients and more than that I have learnt a lot about earning money through blogging. As a result, I am always full of projects and now, earning money is not a problem at all.
You know that for most people getting regular projects or getting regular work is the main challenge. Especially, when you are a freelance writer or you are not doing any job then there is always a level of uncertainty. Fortunately, I have passed that stage and now I am in the stage that I don’t have any shortage of any work.
That is why, it gives me a lot of pain to see that I can not do my work very well because I have been suffering from sickness continuously for the last seven or eight months. What happen before that was that I forgot to take care of my health and just focused on working. I used to stay awake whole night and read about blogging, about search engine optimization, about freelance writing etc.
With extensive reading, I have become expert on South Asia and my blog on South Asia has become very successful. It got links from many websites and blogs and a Page Rank of 6. All the success has come at the price of my health and now in my mid-thirties, suddenly, I have found that all my energy has finished.
I am writing this thing just to remind you that health is important not only for a happy living or happy life but also for success of your career. If your health is not good then it is very difficult to work full time everyday. May be, you can do it for two or three years and give all your efforts but after that be sure you will suffer. The same thing happened to me in professional blogging.
First three and half years I gave all my energy and gave a lot and learnt a lot and even got some decent amount of success. When I felt that I have become very skilled and I have all those knowledge I need and success is very easy, suddenly, I have no energy to use my skill, knowledge and experience.
If you have the same kind of attitude towards your work and you are dedicated for your profession, then please try to learn that you must never neglect your health. Try to think that taking care of your health is a part of your professional success. Health is a part of your career. Just remember that or else you will suffer just like me.
Now, more than being sick, the feeling that I cannot work full time when I am at the top of my skill and knowledge, gives me the most pain. I feel bad because my blog South Asia Blog is getting good traffic now. If I could work full time it would have become a smashing success. 

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