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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trying to Eat More Organic food: Day 22

I don’t know whether the local vegetables and fruits that we eat strictly go under the definition of organic food items or not but I know that compared to many countries in the world, our farmers use less pesticide and at least, growth hormones are not that much used. Thus, the size of our own onion and potato is very small. The same goes for our local chickens and their eggs. But the funny thing is that now, the price of our local products is more than imported products.
For example, the other day, I bought a kilogram of local red lentil (Mushur Dal in Bangla Language) for 120 Taka ($1 is nearly 68 taka now) and I’ve found that in the market, the price of imported red lentil was just 90 taka per KG.
 Needless to say that, the local red lentil was closer to organic farming and that is the reason its price is more. Of course it is much more tasty than imported lentils and secondly it is a better for health. Fortunately, I am one of those persons who like organic materials because I find them tasty. However, because of the price factor many people in my city are gradually moving towards products produced by growth hormones.
I’m really worried for this matter because if the demand for organic matter decreases then it will become very difficult for people like me to find out this matter us in the market. The eggs of the local chickens are already hard to come by in my area and if I wanted them then I have to go another area to buy them. I just hope that the same thing does not happen to products like onions and potatoes.

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