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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Manchester United: Success at the Expense of Financial Burden

For the last 2 decades, Manchester United is undoubtedly the most successful club in England. However, success on the field does not translate into financial success as far as football clubs are concerned. Manchester United does not have shortage of sponsors. They also have the largest stadium among EPL clubs. Still, their financial condition is not good and they need to refinance their loan. They have money but they don’t know how to use it in a good way. This is the dilemma of English football these days. Manchester United needs to buy top players with a lot of money and then they get the success in terms of trophies but no in terms of profit.
So, now, the club has £700m ($1.1bn) debt. Now a days, the club has to spend a lot of money on loan interest. Manchester United is not the only club in Europe with this kind of problem. There are other clubs too. This is becoming a growing and worrying trend in world football. 

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