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Monday, January 04, 2010

You have to do the Mind Game: Day 10

Today, I ate a lot. Well, the only good thing is that I did not eat any meat of junk food. So, I don’t feel bad or guilty. The cold weather has perhaps forced me to eat more than normal. For me, this cold weather is very tough to deal and I cannot remain hungry for long time. If I remain hungry then I feel bad and catch either cold or fever. Last year, during this time, I tried to do something extreme and could lose almost 7 KG in 10 days but in the end, became sick and quickly gained that 7 KG. This time, I am more careful.
I am not doing any extreme. Today, I felt hungry and I ate. However, I was extremely careful not to eat any meat or junk food. This is my strategy now. This is an important mind game. I am not allowing my body to suffer from hunger and eve gaining small amount of weight but at the same time, maintaining a healthy diet. So, I just gained small amount of weight and I can take care of it easily after cold weather finishes within 3 weeks. In fact, if I am 101 KG at the first day of February 2010, I will be very happy. I am now optimistic of losing weight in February and March.
My sitemeter suggests that some people are reading about my weight loss journey and I am happy for. Although their numbers are very small. 

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