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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

I ate some Junk Foods Today: Day 12

It is a matter of regret that today, I ate some junk food. It was a packet of biscuits or cookies and it was sweet. Thus, it contained sugar and other things. Well, I was kind of forced as today, there was no water in the kitchen and it was possible to do any cooking.
Still, it was not that bad because I did not eat any burgher, kebab or restaurant food. The main problem is that cold weather is going to continue perhaps another 3 weeks and I cannot do any diet for the next 3 weeks or even 4 weeks.
Thus, in this month, I just want to keep my weight to 100 KG. Today, I became 101 KG. This is the good part of writing this journal. This way, I know that tomorrow, I should be some careful about eating. 

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