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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Easy Weight Loss: Is it Possible?

Weight loss is a very popular search topic in internet according Google keyword tool. In fact, every month thousands of people from different parts of the world search for it and when there is a demand for any topic there are a lot of advertisers and websites on that topic. So, you should not get surprised to see so many advertisements claiming that they can help you to lose your weight very easily.
Right now, I am trying to lose some weight and I have been trying for more than three months and I have seen some success with it. However, I can see that most of these advertisements promise that you can easily lose weight just following some simple tips and this is what confuses me a lot. From my own experience, I understood that it is not a very easy matter and you have to give a lot of effort and it needs a lot of mental strength to change your eating habit. Anyway, most people are influenced by these advertisements and that is why there are many websites who are ready to promote this idea that you can easily loss weight. I do not want to criticize them and it is up to you if you want to follow their methods. From my own experience, I have noticed otherwise and that is what I am going to talk about in this entry.
The first thing that we have to consider is that overweight and obesity are a huge problem in USA and Europe. This matter is gradually coming to Asia and with the flourishing economy of the countries like India and China, obesity and overweight is going to perhaps become the number one problem of the whole world in next ten years. In USA, nearly half of the adult population suffers from any of these two problems and in fact, it is causing billions of dollars to the US economy. . Things are not good for children as a few days ago there was a report that in England, nearly 10% children are suffering from obesity. So, there is no doubt that it is a huge problem.

Unfortunately, the media is not very active to highlight the problem. All the time in advertisement, dramas and movies, we can see very slim people acting. This is natural because if people like me do any commercials then most people will not perhaps buy the products. I don’t feel that there is any discrimination against fat people in the media but what the media is doing is that they are hiding the real problem. In other words, although many people are suffering from this problem, it is not reflected clearly in the media. So, when we see TV advertisements or movies or TV serials perhaps we feel that most people do not have any kind of problem.
 Just do some search in Google with obesity and overweight and you will understand the severity of this danger for the global economy. Perhaps the main reason of this disaster is that modern life is very tough and full of stress. For example, today I decided not to drink any tea or coffee but last night I had very little amount of sleep. In fact, I could only sleep for three hours and then today I had to go another part of the city for some banking related works.  After coming home I was very tired and I was forced to drink two cups of tea so that I could write this entry. If I do not write this entry today then tomorrow I have to work double. However, tomorrow I have to go out and go to the bank to get some money. Thus, you can see modern life is full of stress and here you can not always expect that things will work out smoothly.
I am one of those lucky persons who could really change eating habits. For last three months, I have almost omitted eating meat, fast food and outside food. I would not say that I could leave 100% but compared to the past yes, I have been able to overcome my problems of these addictions by almost 90%. However, if I were not a blogger but if I work in a company and had to go out and attend dinner and lunch parties on a regular basis then it would have been impossible for me. All the will power in the world would not help me to change my eating habit in this level.
Another big problem is that there is no time for exercise for most of the city people. For example, yesterday I could walk for 40 minutes and today my schedules are so much packed up that I could not do it. Even tomorrow, I don’t know that I will not be able to walk. So, if I have to make up for these two days then on Friday, I should walk for at least two hours which is impossible and when I have an important project in my hand then I have to leave everything and just dedicate my time for that project.
Because of these problems, I feel that there is no easy way out as far as losing weight is concerned. No matter what the advertisements say, it is my conviction that easy weight loss is not possible. However, you should not get frustrated but try to make better choice in your life. When you have meat and fruits in front of you then try to eat less meat and more fruits. I am giving you this advice and I know that only three months ago it was impossible for me to follow. However, if you want to loss weight then really you should cut back on your meat consumption and increase your fruit and salad and vegetable consumption. This is perhaps the best tip and best habit that you can develop. Don’t get frustrated if you cannot develop this kind of habit within one week or one month. Try to be conscious in your heart and if needed take one or two years.
What do you think about the whole issue? Do you think that easy weight loss is possible? 

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