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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beginning of the Second Stage: Day 32

I just came back home after walking nearly 40 minutes. From today, my second stage of effort starts. I started the first phase on 23 October and continued the effort until 18 December. Because of cold weather, I suspended my efforts to lose weight and now, I am again starting from today. Today, my weight is 101 KG and this time my goal is to continue until I come to 90 KG.
The ideal style is to lose 10 KG in 10 weeks. However, even if it takes more time, I am not worried because after losing 10 KG in the first phase, decreasing my waist size by nearly 10 centimeter and changing eating habit- I felt much better when I walked today.
In the first phase, I realized the importance of two things. Will power and mental strength are very important factors when you are on a diet. For example, in the next room, there are some delicious food items and it is now 5 PM and I have not eaten anything in the whole day.
I am not that much hungry but I feel tempted to eat the food items. My goal for today is to eat only once and eat only one plate of rice. I am going to eat rice, vegetable, lentil soup and lentil chop. I am not going to eat any snacks or any other thing. I am not going to drink any malted drink. In short, I am going to eat just once in the day and I am going to drink only water throughout the day.
I am worried for tomorrow because I have to go another part of the city and that is why, I know that I have to eat more. On the other hand, if I want to eat like today then I may become sick. Well, the best way is that tomorrow, I eat enough and then on the day after tomorrow, I try to do water fasting. Even if I cannot do water fasting, I can eat minimum amount of food.
The second factor that is very important in a diet regime is learning to understand the messages of your body. In past, I often tried too much and weight loss efforts became boring and the impossible. This time, I am acting very gently.
Perhaps the most important ingredient of a weight loss effort is mental peace and calm. Of course, modern city life is full of pressure and stress everywhere. My main stress was related to work as I could not work for the last 6 months because of poor health and then strict diet. Now, I have changed my attitude and I am going to change the way I work. Fortunately, I am a blogger and this is a job that can give you a lot of flexibility.
I have to change my style of blogging for the next 1 month at least. Right now, I try to write about buzz topics or news items. For example, tomorrow, Apple is going to announce iSlate- its tablet. In normal time, I would try to cover about it a lot. However, this time, I am not going to do it and instead and I will write an evergreen entry. Evergreen entries are relevant always and I think that I should at least on month focus on evergreen content. You can write it anytime. So, from now, I won’t need to drink tea and stay awake. My sleeping has been messed totally. I cannot sleep whole night. Then, in the morning I sleep and my sleep gets broken during lunch and I am tired for the rest of the day and I am forced to drink two cups of tea and then I cannot sleep whole night again. So, the first thing to do is to totally forget news based blogging and follow evergreen content based blogging.
If needed, I will continue this way of working for one year. Now, my first goal is losing weight. I want to improve my eating habit and totally become habituated to a healthy diet. I want to walk almost daily. I am not sure if I can walk tomorrow as I have to go to another part of city.
These are very simple goals but in life, we often make a mess out of our life. Then we have to stand up again and fix them. This is the thing I have to do now. 

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