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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going out and Staying Home: Day 34

I was busy today and yesterday as I had to go to in another part of the city for some banking related activities. I also could not sleep more than four hours for the last two days and as a result, I felt very tired and I was afraid to become sick. So, I could not follow my diet plan for the last two days and instead, I ate even more than normal. Most probably, I have gained some weight. However, I am very happy that I did not become sick as I was afraid of it. Tomorrow and Saturday, I am home and I hope to follow the diet plan and will try to eat as less as possible.
The only good part is that I refrained from eating any meat or sweet. I mostly ate healthy food items and as a result, I have good feeling in my mind. This is one of the basic improvements that I have now compared to the past. In the past, when I had any running, then I used to eat a lot of food and I used to mainly eat meat and sweets. Also, when I am on a diet but I have to do some intensive activities, I do not follow my diet but try to eat normal food. 

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