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Sunday, January 03, 2010

Cold Wave Making it Difficult: Day 9

I have been writing something in this blog about my weight loss journey for the last 9 days and it has been very cold in my city these days. There is some kind of cold wave and the temperature is 12 Degree Celsius or some more and some less. However, because 90% or more humidity, tolerating this cold weather is becoming very difficult. I am continuing my effort of not eating any meat. Today, unfortunately, I ate some meat in a food shop but it was very small and I was forced to do it because I had some outside work and I did not have time to eat at home. It was just simply a sandwich.
The good part is that I did not enjoy it that much as it contained meat and I realized that I have really lost habit of eating meat. It is a very good feeling because deceasing consumption of beef or mutton was my biggest challenge in the past. Today, I realized that I can live happily without beef or mutton. I consider myself very lucky because, changing food habit this way is very difficult. I always thought that leaving mutton would have been impossible and it would break my heart and tongue. 

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