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Monday, January 04, 2010

Aaron Ramsey had his Day against West Ham

Aaron Ramsey is a very young player and because of his talent and skill, it is often said that he is the next Fabregas for Arsenal. Well, in the recent days, he has suffered some negative criticism as he could not yet shine. This, boxing day, he celebrated his 19th birthday and thus, I think that it is unfair to criticize him. Yes, at 19, Fabregas was much better but Ramsey is on the same route too. He just needs another one or two seasons to shine.
Yesterday, he played superbly in the FA Cup match against West Ham. It was an away match and Arsenal was without top players like Fabregas and Arshevin. So, it was upto Ramsey to become as the main strength for the club and he performed his duty. Not only he scored a goal but also he was the most impressive player on the field.
Another important thing critics cannot see is the matter that until now, he did not get that many opportunities in premier league. Now, Fabregas is injured and Diabi is going to play in African Cup of nations. So, he will get much more opportunities to play in the first eleven. 

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