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Friday, November 06, 2009

Fran Merida: Big Money is Coming His Way

Fran Merida is now capturing a lot of media headlines because he is considered to be a very bright prospect and many clubs in Europe are interested about him. At this moment, he is under Arsene Wenger in Arsenal and he has contract until 2010 Summer. It has now come to the media that Merida has agreed to stay more. Of course, he has not signed the contract yet- just he has agreed verbally. He is just 19 and half years old and I think that he should stay with Wenger. Atletico Madrid president Enrique Cerezo is very interested to get him in Spain and he is perhaps ready to give more money than Wenger because we know that when it comes player’s salary he does not believe in spending huge cash.
Fran Merida should remember that he has many years ahead of him. If he tries then may be he can become the next Fabregas for Spain. Wenger has praised him a lot and we know that he does not praise each every player. Instead, he tries to find good potential among young players and train them and make them world class. 

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