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Friday, November 06, 2009

Just Don’t Destroy Cricket with Artificial Money

It is very funny to me that Cricket Australia chairman Jack Clarke is now some annoyed with the amount of matches his players had to play in the last 6 months. He is particularly targeting ICC Twenty20 World Cup and ICC Champions Trophy. He thinks that because of ICC tournaments Australian players are too much exhausted. However, when it comes to playing too much cricket against Indian national team, he tries to avoid it by giving some nonsense excuse. We all know that playing against India is profitable because Cricket Australia gets a lot of money from TV rights. It is profitable for BCCI too and now Indian fans consider India vs Australia as same exciting as India vs Pakistan rivalry.
Jack Clarke is also silent about IPL because BCCI arranges it. IPL is a 5-6 week’s event and it makes the players exhausted too. They have to take part in many matches in just 5-6 weeks. He is silent about it because he does not want to make BCCI officials annoyed. Thus, both BCCI and Cricket Australia are eager to get artificial money from the Indian market. They should not forget that if they destroy this sports as an international game then it will someday kill them too.
The best example is the recently concluded Champions League T20 which was a flop in every aspect. Very few fans bought tickets and went to the stadium. TV rating was miserable for majority of the matches.

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