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Monday, October 19, 2009

AZ Alkmaar vs Arsenal Preview and Live Score: Champions League 2009-10

It should not have been a big match judging the fact that the Gunners are at the top of the group while AZ Alkmaar is at the bottom. However, don’t forget that it will be a home match for AZ and they are the current champion of Dutch football. So, you have to give them some good amount of respect. From the first two matches, Arsenal has collected maximum 6 points and they have scored 5 goals while suffered 2 goals only. On the other hand, from the fist two matches, AZ has got only one point (a draw against Standard Li├Ęge). This group was considered to be too much easy for Wenger and let us if tomorrow night, his men can win the match easily.
This season, so far, Arsenal is at excellent form. The players are providing good performance week after week. They lost to Manchester United and Manchester City in Premier League but both of the two matches were away matches for Wenger. At home, his club is at top form and has won all the matches so far. Right now, Arsenal is at the 4th position in EPL table. However, they have scored the highest number of goals among the clubs. It shows that they are playing attacking football. Even in Europe, they have won all the matches this season so far.
On the other hand AZ is not in good form in Europe. I have already mentioned that they are at the bottom of this group. However, they have excellent record in Europe in the past. Well, the two clubs never faced each other in any game. So, whatever happens is like a record. Well, the current form of AZ in Dutch League is also not good. They have played 10 matches so far and won 5 of them and lost 5. In fact, right now, they are at the 6th position. So, I don’t think that their fans are expecting a huge win over the Gunners tomorrow night. May be any kind of win or even a draw would satisfy the fans of this club.
Arsene Wenger is often criticized that he does not spend money for buying top players. The critics should look at the current squad of AZ who are the current champions of Holland. Well, to compare the two clubs, I would like to draw your attention to the seating capacity of them. AZ has a stadium with only 17,000+ seating capacity. On the other hand, the Emirates can accommodate 60,000 fans. It shows the difference between the two clubs.
Kew Jaliens of AZ is confident that his club can play well against Arsenal. He told UEFA.com
"Everything is still possible in our section. We didn't feel we were the weaker side in the two previous games and we need to prove that in the remaining fixtures. In terms of points, it is still completely open.

We are a footballing team of the Dutch school; we have good positional play, create chances, play an attacking kind of football. In a way we are the Dutch Arsenal. We play football well and like to get as close to the goal as possible to cash in on the opportunities we create."

Bad news for Arsenal is that they will miss their young Ace Theo Walcott because of their injury. It is certainly bad news because Walcott was out of action for few weeks because of another bad injury.
BBC reported:
The 20-year-old winger, who missed the start of the season with a back injury, was substituted just 33 minutes into his first Arsenal start of the season.
"The news is not good," said Gunners boss Arsene Wenger.
"We thought it would be just 48 hours but it is a medial knee ligament, which is what I feared after the game."

Well, I know that Wenger has enough quality players to replace Walcott but it is a bad sign. I think that Wenger should try to sign up another few players in the level of Walcott in January Transfer Window so that such injuries do not make the team suffer.
Coming back to tomorrow’s match, I think that Arsenal would win it easily.
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