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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Sir Alex Ferguson on Intentional Diving and Simulation

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed his disappointment at the growing practice of simulation in European football. Recently, he took part in a meeting of Elite Club Coaches Forum of UEFA where the simulation issue got top priority. All the coaches agreed to eradicate this practice for the betterment of the game.

Ferguson said that this practice has increased a lot over the last 15 years in English football. He says that no coach is proud of his players who can earn decision in their favor by imitating or deceiving the referee. He points out Arsenal striker Eduardo’s case as a big example of this practice.

Eduardo has been handed a two-match ban for diving during a Champions league qualifying game against Celtic which earned Arsenal a penalty through which came first of their three goals in the match. Arsenal is preparing to appeal against the ban.

Ferguson thinks that it is unacceptable practice and believes that educating the young players about the cons of this practice is the best way to remove this problem. He also feels that players should act on moral ground and also asks for his Manchester United players to act in this way.

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