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Saturday, September 05, 2009

MLS Players Can Make Extra Money by Playing for European Clubs in the Off Season

You know that European domestic leagues normally begin in August-September and end in March-April, while Major League Soccer (MLS) season in USA starts in March-April and ends in December. So, you can see that MLS has about three to four months of off-season that start from January and end in March-April and during this time almost all the European domestic league tournaments are in the second half of the season.

So, MLS players have a good opportunity to make some quick cash-in by playing for a European clubs during the off-season of MLS. What is more important is that players can improve their skill and talent by participating in the European leagues. Freddie Ljungberg, who is currently representing Sounders FC Seattle in MLS, is going to do so after the end of the current MLS season. Reports have it in the media that the Swedish player is now in London to talk about a loan deal with the Arsenal officials.

Freddie Ljungberg has a contract with Sounders FC under which he would have to represent the MLS outfit till 2010. However, the former Arsenal player is most likely to play in English premier league after the end of the current MLS season for few months before joining the Sounders FC for the next MLS season.

Sounders FC, however, has revealed that the Seattle franchise has not received any call from Arsenal yet regarding a loan deal for Ljungberg. The same thing happened earlier this year to Los Angles Galaxy star David Beckham who joined Italian club AC Milan for the second half of the last season after the end of the MLdS 2008 season. Then he joined Galaxy in July this year for the ongoing MLS season.

I think, it is a good chance for the MLS players to have some financial benefit by doing a part-time job in a European club, but they should remember one thing that in this way, they might risk their physical strength because it takes a lot of physical strength for representing a European club in a highly competitive European leagues following an exhausting MLS season. In this way, they can not get much rest and it may not be good for their health in the long run.

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