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Monday, September 14, 2009

Should Emmanuel Adebayor be Banned for Provocative Celebration?

It is an issue that the English media is raving around at this moment. Arsenal visited Manchester City last Saturday and lost the game 4-2. Well, there is noting controversial with the result. Emmanuel Adebayor, who joined City for £25m from Arsenal in Summer 2009, however, has conducted something controversial and the Togolese striker is now facing a ban by FA.

Emmanuel Adebayor scored the crucial third goal for City in the game and then ran towards the Arsenal fan gallery to celebrate in front of Arsenal fans. No doubt, his action was provocative and FA has said that it would investigate the matter. Moreover, Arsenal striker Robin van Persie also accused Adebayor of his ‘mindless and malicious’ behaviour during the game. Adebayor apologized for both the charges, but still there is every possibility he could be banned for few games in premier league, if FA finds him guilty on the charges. However, Emmanuel Adebayor does not think that he has done anything for which he could be banned.

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