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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get four Miss Universe 2009 tickets for the price of three

It looks like beauty is not enough to attract people to come to the Bahamas. Yes, ticket sales is low in the upcoming Miss Universe 2009. So the pageant officials came up with a last minute promotion. They are offering four tickets for the price of three. However, this only applies to the final event. Janet Johnson, spokeswoman, Ministry of Tourism, said that there are lots of interested people who are eager to see grand finale of the Miss Universe 2009 so they came up with this idea.

Tickets for attending the final event are priced between $175 and $750. Janet Johnson said that this was the first time they are selling tickets at such a lower price.

Tourism is the one of the major foreign currency earners for the Bahamas. It sandy beaches and beautiful landscape attracts tourist from all over the world but the recent economic recession badly affected the tourism sector and Bahamian tourism officials were expecting that the tourism sector will turn around with the Miss Universe 2009 but things did not turn out the way they should. Bahamian hotels laid off hundreds of employees. Atlantis laid off 800 employees this season and The Four Seasons Resort Great Exuma shut down in May.

For the pageant, Atlantis sold more than 3000 seats. Kernzer International, owner of the Atlantis did not give out the actual sales figure.

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