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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Local hooligans are harassing Ekta Choudhary’s parents

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While Ekta Choudhary is working hard to win the coveted Miss Universe title, her parents are living under fear of attack. A group of hooligans in Gurgaon have been terrorizing Ekta’s family. Ekta’s mother, Rita Choudhary was looking forward to go to the Bahamas to support her daughter but now she cancelled her trip. She is afraid that the house would be ransacked. Ekta’s parents lodged complaints to Joint Commissioner of Police and Commissioner of Police but it did not change the situation. The private security guards of the colony can not do anything.

Ekta Choudhary and her family used to live in Saket in Delhi and moved to Gurgaon's DLF Phase II eight months earlier. There is a small teashop across the road where the hooligans congregate all day and pass cheap remarks. Rita Choudhary told reporters that the hooligans even harassed her daughter which upset her very much. Ekta is a model and socializes a lot but she can not call her friends in fear of being teased and harassed by these people. She regrets her decision to moving to this place. Rita Choudhary calls her daughter every day but she never talks with her about the matter as it would upset her very much.

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