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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Miss Australia Rachael Finche’s mother would not be able to come to the Bahamas

Earlier, I wrote about Ekta Choudhary’s parents, who could not come to the Bahamas in fear of security. Now, Miss Australia Rachael Finch is going to be lonely in Miss Universe 2009 as her biggest supporter, her mother, would not be able to come to the Bahamas to see her daughter compete in one of the most prestigious beauty pageants in the world. Rachael’s mother, Colleen Zablocki, will be at home and see her daughter on television. Her doctors advised her not to travel anywhere as she underwent a surgery to remove a tumour. She said,

"I will be sitting at home on the 23rd of August and I will have the phones, TV, internet and radio very close to me,"

Colleen had her surgery in May. She was very sad that she could not attend the biggest event in her daughter’s life. She never missed any of her daughter’s competition and though she could not come to the Bahamas, she would always be with Rachael in spirit.

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