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Friday, July 03, 2009

MVP Network developed virtual interactive golf game for charity organizations

Interactive video games developing company, MVP Network, Inc. (OTC: MVPN), announced to release its free program named Golden Fairway Golf Fundraiser. It is an interactive games program which allows various charitable organizations to host virtual golf tournaments for fundraising.

Paul Schneider, President, Founder, MVP Network Inc. said that all the interested party has to do is to make just one phone call at the company headquarters in St. Louis and they will get the service. Within 48 hours of providing necessary support for the systems, the charity’s supporters will be able to start playing their games. The company provides free software license to various nonprofit organizations. Contributors to the charity will be able to play the game online. Participants will be able to play 18 hole golf. If players experience problem on the net, it would not be a problem because he can play upto 25 rounds. To play the game, players do not require special pcs.

Established in 1994, MVP Network has been developing multi-player games including online games, 3D multiplayer sport games such as golf, soccer, American Stock Car, Grand Prix style racing games. The company also has facilities to develop in game advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

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