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Friday, July 03, 2009

GOLF CHANNEL and Golflink join hands to create ads and program contents

Golf Link and GOLF CHANNEL announced a partnership today under which, all the ads of Golf Link will be handled by the GOLF CHANNEL digital sales team. This is great news for the businessmen who are related with the game of golf because their ads are going to be seen by a large number of golf lovers online.

Moreover, under this new contract, both the organizations are going to work on developing a content programming plan. Currently, both GOLFCHANNEL.com and GolfLink.com develop their own programs. After this, members of GolfLink.com will be able to get the latest news broadcast on GOLFCHANNEL.com. Members will also be able to know about the upcoming programs on GOLFCHANNEL.com.

GolfLink.com is one of the fastest growing websites on golf. Launched in 1995, Golflink.com is a great gathering of golf lovers from all over the world on the Internet. The website offers educational videos from some of the best teachers in the game of golf such as Hank Haney. The website also offers social networking tools, and MyGame application, which enables golfer to keep tracks of their scores, handicaps and compare their performances with those of other players.

GOLFCHANNEL.com on the other hand, shows various programs and golf tournaments twenty four hours a day. Currently, the channel is watched by 120 million viewers through cable around the world. It is a part of the Comcast Programming Group.

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(This entry was originally posted in this blog on Monday, December 1st, 2008 and the information is based on that time.)

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