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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

T20 World Cup 2009: Who Will Play in Super Eight?

If you want to get the live score and updates of the match between India and Ireland, then visit the following link:

India vs Ireland Live Updates: 10 June 2009

The match between Pakistan and Netherlands just finished and Pakistan has own the match convincingly. With this win, the south Asian country has ensured a place in the super eight stage of the twenty20 World Cup 2009. In fact, while I was looking at the point table, I understood that all the eighth places have been filled up for the super eight stage. I am now giving their names and Writing something about their performance in the first round.


I’m writing about India first because they belonged to group A. in this group, in the first match, India defeated Bangladesh and tomorrow, they are going to play against Ireland. On the other hand, Yesterday Bangladesh lost to Ireland and in fact, since Bangladesh has lost both of the matches they are out of the competition. It is difficult to say how India is playing in the tournament because they have only played one match and in that match, if Yuvraj Singh was not in top form then I guess they could have lost against Bangladesh. Still, they are the defending champion and many people think that they can repeat their success of 2007.


Many people feel that Ireland is the dark horse of the World Cup 2009 cricket. Yesterday, they defeated Bangladesh convincingly and It seems to me that Ireland will grow up as a strong country in this sports. Here, I like to say that cricket is not popular at all in Ireland but still there are some dedicated people who are trying to develop the game. In fact, if Irealnd can win the match tomorrow against India, then they will emerge as the group champion.


Now, it is the time of talking about Group B and here, all the matches have been finished. England lost the opening match against Netherlands and it caused a massive shock to all the people of the country. Then, in the second match, they defeated Pakistan convincingly and ensured their place in the super eight stage. The English team did not look to be very solid to me and I do not think that they will be able to reach the semifinals.


I guess that at this moment, the coach and the players and all the officials of Pakistan cricket board are thanking god that they could go to the super eight stage. Many people became very angry in the country after they lost the first match to England in a very bad manner. Fortunately, earlier today they could beat Netherlands in a very good way and the supporters are most probably very happy now.

West Indies

This is a surprise team from group C because in the last T20 world cup, they could not go to the Super 8 stage and as a result, this time they were in the group of death with Sri Lanka and Australia. But in the first match, west Indies defeated Australia and that was enough because then yesterday, Australian lost to Sri Lanka. Now, the two teams will play who will go forward as the group champion. I feel sorry for the Australian team but now, it is an established fact that Australia sucks when it comes to T20 format.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is an explosive team and it is always a pleasure to watch them play. This time, they have not disappointed their fans and in fact, last night, they defeated Australia and ensured of their place in the super as stage. I will be shocked and disappointed if they cannot make to the Semifinals. I really wish that this time, Sri Lanka wins the trophy of T20 World Cup 2009.

South Africa

No one knows what the problem of South Africa when they come to take part in big events. They have never won the Title of any World Cup and this time, they are one of the top favorites but still they look shaky. They defeated Scotland very well and later tonight, south Africa is going to play against New Zealand to decide who will be the group champion of D group. In the match against Scotland, South Africa scored 211 runs- the highest total in this tournament so far that.

New Zealand

New Zealand has a good team with some specialists players who are ideal just for the Twenty20 cricket. They are looking for doing something unexpected and most of the New Zealand supporters are perhaps very happy because their neighbor and rival Australia got out from the tournament.

But there I have written something about the eight teams that are going to play in super eight stage of T20 World Cup 2009. I wish to provide you the schedule when it gets final.

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