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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What will ICL Players do Now?

I feel a lot of sympathy for Indian Cricket League (ICL) players. It seems that ICC officials are too much afraid to do anything against BCCI as India is the major source of revenue for international cricket now a days. You should have heard that BCCI had announced if ICL players cut all the ties with Indian Cricket League and comes back then BCCI will allow them to play in domestic cricket in India. It is clear that some other boards will also follow the lead of BCCI in this regard. However, for ICL players it is not easy. First of all, they are in legal contract with ICL and they have received enormous sums of money from the organization. So, coming back is difficult.

Even if they come back then what next? It is obvious that most of them will not be selected for Indian national team and even they cannot play in IPL (as IPL has just 8 teams and limited number of players are needed). They will be back to play in the regular domestic trophies in India like Ranji trophy where pay is really low compared to ICL or IPL. In fact, it is for money and securing financial future that these players joined ICL.

(This entry was originally uploaded in May 2009 in this blog. Then, it had to be deleted for technical problem. I am uploading again it today).

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