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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Roger Federer in French Open 2009

2009 seems to be a different year for Roger Federer. Last year he was in top form and he was doing everything right. However, this year, he is out of touch and it is the time of French Open 2009. At this moment Rafael Nadal is the top player in ranking and he is also the top favorite for French Open. In fact, if Rafael Nadal can win this year’s trophy then he will make a unique record in this tournament. Now, it seems that for Roger Federer the more important thing is to stop Nadal and also keep his ranking. At this moment, Roger Federer is the number 3 ranked tennis player and last time he was in this kind of ranking was in 2003. So, you see that for the last 6 years Roger Federer has totally dominated tennis but there has been a shift of power in the world of tennis for Federer to Nadal. It seems that Nadal is gradually becoming the next Federer.

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