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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Toyota Holds Back its Pre-Scheduled Prius Launch in India

Toyota has recently held back its pre-scheduled launch of Prius in Indian auto market. Toyota Prius is a hybrid car and in fact, this is the world’s first hybrid car which went into mass production. According to reports, there are several things that led Toyota to take this decision. Issues concerning infrastructure and duty structure are some of the reasons behind it. Most importantly, the company could not yet come up with a competitive price for Prius in Indian market. Recently, Honda dropped the price of its Civic hybrid car by Rs 8.14 lak. This move by Honda also played a big role behind Toyota’s hold on the launch of Prius hybrid car. Both Toyota and Honda are the leading hybrid car manufacturers in the world.

Hybrid is a kind of car which runs both on petrol as well as on electric motor. Hybrid car is fuel-efficient and environment friendly and the demand for Hybrid car has been increasing steadily in the world with surging fuel prices. No doubt, Toyota will face strong competition from Honda in entering its Hybrid cars in Indian market. Now, let us see if Toyota can launch Prius in Indian market.

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