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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Carlos Tevez Seeing Uncertain Future at Manchester United?

Manchester United striker Carlos Tevez can now feel more insecure at the Old Trafford club as the club officials are now going to sing young Serbian midfielder Zoran Tosic. On Friday, an Independent Review Panel hearing will be organized in Sheffield in order to discuss a deal wroth £8m for the Partizan Belgrade midfielder.

Well, you might raise question that what is the relationship between United getting closure to a deal with midfielder Zoran Tosic and striker Carlos Tevez feeling insecurity at Manchester United. No doubt, there is not apparent relationship between the two things, but if you look at the condition very closely then you can see Manchester United has not offered a contract extension for the Argentine forward whose 2 year deal expires at the end of this season. The reported deal with Zoran Tosic shows that Manchester United is not totally unaware about the transfer market. If it is then the question arises that why Manchester United are making delay in making a new deal with Carlos Tevez when the clubs like Real Madrid are interested to sign him for huge amount.

So, there is enough reason for Carlos Tevez to worry about. His future is now shrouded of uncertainty. Now, let us see if Manchester United can hand an offer to Tevez before his current deal with Manchester United expires.

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