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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ana Ivanovic Received Sony Ericsson WTA Tour ACES Award

Ana Ivanovic may not be at her best on the court since winning her first grand slam title in French Open 2008. However, the Serbian star has won this year’s Sony Ericsson WTA Tour ACES Award for promoting sport of women’s tennis among the fans, community and media. She is very happy to receive this award recently. She thinks becoming a professional tennis player means a lot to her, rather than only hitting the tennis balls and winning on the court. Ivanovic ranks her off court activities highly besides her activities on the court. She said that she enjoyed doing off-court ACES activities.

Ana Ivanovic also saw many on-court successes this year as she tasted her first grand slam title at Roland Garros, France and reached atop the world ranking. However, she eventually dropped in raking and currently stands at 4th. So, her fans are not so happy with her recent from. Her recent illness also played a huge role behind her lackluster form. Now, all her fans ca do is to pray for Ana Ivanovic’s quick recovery so that the their favorite players can come back strongly next year. Let us see if Ana Ivanovic can make a strong come back early next year in the court.

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