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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Should Toyota go for more Inexpensive Models in the US Market?

The US market is the most attractive one for auto makers. It is the largest car market and at the same time, consumers here can afford to buy expensive models. However, things are not going that great in the last few months and the economy is suffering from recession. So, Toyota is going to decrease its production because the demand is falling.

Well, Toyota is not the only auto maker that is suffering at this moment. In fact, its main rival GM is suffering even more. GM is on the verge of bankruptcy. Only a generous support from US government can save the company. So, Toyota bosses should thank God that they are still managing quite well.

So, let us come back to the original question. I believe that Toyota should come with out a few models that wont be expensive. It will give the consumers more options within their budget.

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